NGUZO SABA (nn-GOO-zoh SAH-bah) is the Swahili name for THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF KWANZAA! Yes, Kwanzaa, the 7 Day African American Celebration & Cultural Holiday Created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966 is observed from December 26th through January 1st. So you might be asking yourself, why is Salimah writing about Kwanzaa on January 11th? The answer is, that I regard the NGUZO SABA (KWANZAA PRINCIPLES) AS LIFESTYLE PRINCIPLES AND VALUES FOR BLACK PEOPLE EVERYDAY!

As I was growing up, My Queen Mother raised and educated my sister, twin brothers and I with these principles. Then when I married my King, Vincent, I carried on this teaching with our daughter Nakkiyya and our son Hasaan through our 11 year homeschooling career!

Over the years I've continued to study and grow in my understanding of the importance of Culture, Heritage and Values for Black People, our Families and Holistically within our Community. Recently I purchased a book that offers a constructive wealth of  information! In his book A KWANZAA AWAKENING: LESSONS FOR THE COMMUNITY by Dr. Chike Akua writes... "The celebration of Kwanzaa is centered around two major themes. One is the theme of celebrating through our culture and heritage, the "first fruits" of what we have been blessed with. The second theme is one of values- what we should value and why. In 1966, Dr. Maulana Karenga set out to establish a value system that African American people could live by. This value system would not be based on religion (but there is a spiritual thread that runs through it), sex, social status, class or any of the other things which have traditionally divided us as a people. This value system, however, was to be adopted regardless of religion, sex, social status and class because he wanted to bring African American people together despite differences on the surface." 

Dr. Akua then writes... "In the book RESTORING THE VILLAGE, VALUES and COMMITMENT, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu asks some critical questions like: 'Can you imagine traveling across the country without a map? Would you try to assemble a piece of equipment with over 100 parts without referring to the instructions? If you think this would be difficult, imagine trying to grow up, find a career, stay married and raise children without values and morals. We are trying to develop and build families without a map...directions and values.' Then Dr. Akua concludes by saying... So values are like our road map as a community to help us rise to the level we want to get to."

Dr. Akua brilliantly demonstrates in that small piece from A KWANZAA AWAKENING: LESSONS FOR THE COMMUNITY, how The NGUZO SABA Principles Are LIFESTYLE PRINCIPLES. They are a Daily Display, Celebration and Affirmation of Powerful Values based in The African Cultures and Traditions of the Yoruba, the Ashanti, the Ibo and the Zulu. The Cultures studied by Dr. Maulana Karenga which inspired his creation of Kwanzaa. 

My family and I continue to incorporate and LIVE these principles everyday. I also use this value system as the foundation in my "Supporting Black Business" Program called DYNAMICMOM ECONOMICS which is a part of my business, DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES! And to that point, I invite you to Create A FREE Account at and Purchase Your Copy Of A KWANZAA AWAKENING: LESSONS FOR THE COMMUNITY by Dr. Chike Akua. It's a powerful addition for your home library and or homeschool program! My Sistahs, As the FIRST TEACHERS, WE MUST ALSO BE THE FIRST LEARNERS, READ! 

I created the graphics shown in this blog post and shared them on my social media pages each day during Kwanzaa 2016. Gratefully they were received, engaged with and shared by many of the Black Women, Moms, Homemakers and Wives who follow my posts!  


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