During Our 11 year Homeschooling Career (1998-2009), LIFE SKILLS Was An Integral Part Of Our Afrikan Centered Curriculum That Both Our Fabulous Daughter, Nakkiyya Amira (now 28) and Our Enlightened Sun Hasaan Ajaye (now 26), Engaged In. One Of My Favorites To Teach Was COOKING! It's A Multi-Disciplined Life Skill That Includes: Science, Math, Literacy- (Reading, Writing, Comprehension), Creativity, Meal Planning, Nutrition, Health, Critical Thinking, Family Time, Cultural Arts, Community Service and Lots Of Love! It's Performing Arts As Well. We Always Had Some Stevie, Michael or Motown Playing As We Sang Along and Busted A Few Moves Too:-)! 

Recently Our Sun, Hasaan Ajaye, Has Embraced The Joy Of Healthy Cooking and Combined It With His Studies In Cosmology, Metaphysics, Afrikan Science & Culture, Health & Wellness And His 18 years In The Martial Arts To Create "WISE WARRIOR MEALS & RECIPES" The Nutritional Component Of His "WISE WARRIOR SYSTEM FOR MIND-BODY-SPIRIT EMPOWERMENT!" Wise Warrior Is The Divine Meaning Of His Name, And So He Is! 

In this Dynamic New Age, Our Family Is Transitioning and Transforming! Hasaan and I Are Living A DynamicMom-Dynamic Sun Vegan Journey and Lifestyle Together and It Is Amazing, Enlightening and Delicious! My Sun Can Really Throw Down In The Kitchen! We Meal Plan, Research, Shop, Collaborate On Recipes and Take Turns Preparing Dinners! My King, Vincent (he's on his vegetarian journey); and I Are So Proud Of Our Sun, Embracing This Healthy Vegan Lifestyle At The Dawn Of His Adulthood (Nakkiyya will hopefully join us when she is ready:-)! 

The Black Community Needs Healthy Warrior Healers To Educate and Elevate Us Out Of This Toxic Life We Live, Under These Conditions Of Racism White Supremacy. And Young Brothas Like Hasaan Ajaye, Our Wise Warrior, Are Just The Ones To Lead Us Through! Ase'! 

Periodically I'll Share A Recipe From WISE WARRIOR MEALS & RECIPES and DYNAMICMOM YELLOW APRON MEALS & RECIPES Right Here On The Blog! In The Mean Time I Hope Our Delicious Meal Pics On DynamicMomEnterprises.com Bring You Some Wonderful Inspiration! I'm Also Building A New Website With Recipe Downloads And Cooking Videos Too! Vegetarian-Vegan and 30 Minutes From Prep To Plate To Nourish Your Mind/Body/Spirit! Stay Tuned!

The Healing, Health & Wellness Of Our Families Is In Our Hands Sistahs! WHEN WE TEACH OUR OFFSPRING TRUTH, THEY BECOME TRUTH! TEACH SUN! ASE'!


"The DynamicMom"

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