Being a homemaker is one of the joys in my life! I was born to do this work. THE ART and SCIENCE OF HOMEMAKING is practiced in our homes so seamlessly, that it appears invisible. But with all the scheduling, measuring, balancing, straightening, cleaning, cooking, testing, trying, teaching, displaying, creating, cooling, heating, adding, subtracting and so much more; homemaking sure doesn't feel invisible :-) As Homemakers, we're Eco-Social Scientists as well, studying the interaction and balance between our families and the world we live in. As such, I truly believe in and practice the concept of REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE!

Here's a favorite example of my practice. I love to Re-purpose my Pasta Jars and Transform them into Pretty Planters for my beautiful houseplant who I call The Diva! She was gifted to me as cuttings with the roots attached about 3 years ago from our dear friends, James and Diane- (The Diva's namesake). I planted them soil and she took off growing! Sadly our Diane made her Divine Transition in 2013, we miss her so. But her energy made The Diva have a growth spurt reaching down all across the floor! I started trimming and decided to place the cuttings in a few cleaned out pasta jars filled with water. I intended to transplant the cuttings into soil after they sprouted roots but decided to leave them as they were because they were so beautiful and thriving! So now I have these wonderful new planters and green spaces all around the house and in the window sills. This one is in my home office. So pretty!

As long as I take care of The Diva and she keeps growing long, and I keep making my veggie spaghetti; we'll have beautiful "Divettes" to enjoy and share for years to come!

Please SHARE this post and try this yourself at home! With each of us practicing REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE, we're adding glorious plant life to our homes and subtracting from the landfills, harming our Mother Earth! Also, on your next gift giving opportunity, think about giving a beautiful gift of life, a houseplant or cuttings! Happy Homemaking!!

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