Two great things about running a business from home are the AUTONOMY and FLEXIBILITY that I have in making decisions. I'm in the process of re-structuring and transitioning to a Member Based Virtual Coaching Company. When I'm in a Transition Project Phase, I work in 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION CYCLES. I'm currently in the beginning of 90 Day Cycle #3, the final part of this Project. It's an Incredible Self-Development & Growth Experience! Here's a glance at my process and progress...

(Above) Here's My Workspace In PROJECT MODE!

(Above) NEW MEMBER WEBSITE with SUBSCRIPTION In Progress! Set to debut November 2015. 

(Above) VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY at our New Member Site: Video and Audio 
E-CLASSES! Debut January 2016.  

(Above) The DYNAMICMOM DAILY Transitioned from a daily Facebook Post to THIS Fabulous BLOG!

(Above) I created this poster to post on my Facebook Page today for "Work From Home Wednesday!"

When the company is yours, and you work from home, the hard work, choices and decisions are all in your hands. ALWAYS BE COURAGEOUSLY willing to TRANSFORM and GROW! It's so worth it! Thank goodness I have zero commute, lots of coffee and my comfy fuzzy slippers! I know my fellow Work From Home Divas Would Agree!

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