I'm on a mission to bring families back together at the dinner table! I know family life is super busy with work, school and tons of after school and work activities. When my husband and I were still raising our children, EVERYBODY had their own individual work, homeschool and activity schedules and I Was In Charge Of Them All! It was madness sometimes :-) Thank goodness we didn't have all of this technology tethered to us back then, whew! 

Still I did manage to get my family sitting together at the table for dinner, well most nights. These days with everyone all grown up, (me and hubby included, lol!), I cook 3-4 times a week but I still want to enjoy those family meals together. So I figured, If I can't have every night, I'll take One! SUNDAY DINNER is our "everybody comes home, lovin' it up, catching it up, laughing it up, at the table time!" It's the one day that everybody's schedules seem to fall into place, at least for dinner, well mostly:-)  Buffet Style is Fun Too! We can make our plates and then sit comfortably at the dinner table talk and enjoy! 

So how about it, are you in with me? Choose at least ONE DAY, put out a pretty buffet dinner spread, let everyone serve themselves (even the little ones) and enjoy your delicious meal with great conversation and no phones! You and your family will start to look forward to your Special Family Dinner each week. Make it a real family affair and let everyone help prepare a part of the meal! Yes, even the little ones. :-) Memories In The Making! 

*Family Dinner At Top: left to right- Macaroni and Cheese, Yams, My Fabulous Sauteed Kale and 3 Baked Organic Halal Chickens with Potatoes, Onions, Peppers and Garlic! Always a hit! 

Happy Mindful DYNAMIC Living 

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