Space in our homes is ALWAYS at a premium. Sometimes it seems like there's never enough. Especially for SHOES! If you're a Shoe Diva like me, I feel your pain, lol! Shoes take up a lot of real estate, especially when you have casual shoes, work shoes, walking shoes, girls night out shoes, gym shoes, date night shoes, dance the night away shoes, slay him where he stands shoes and I haven't even started on the fly boots! OMG! And how do we store our shoes? In boxes, bins, tossed in the corner or under the bed? Well no more of that! 

I found this fabulous shoe storage solution on It's the AMAZON BASICS 50 PAIR SHOE RACK! It took about 15-20 minutes to assemble and I did it while chatting long distance with my mom on the phone! So easy! I chose to attach the wheels on the bottom so I could roll it into different positions in my dressing room should I decide to do so. I'm always moving things to change the energy in a space. I thought this was a beautiful way to not just "store" my shoes, but "display" them in a pretty way. Also, I'm visual, so open storage and display always works best for me. It's Home Economics too. If I see it, I know what I have and therefore save time and money NOT re-purchasing what I forgot I already bought. :-) This makes getting ready a breeze too. While I'm dressing, I have a full sight line of my shoes and I can mentally choose two options for my outfit. I like options. 

So this rack serves as a vertical, open showcase to organize, display, protect and honor the shoes that I spent time and money to buy. I think it's important for me to be grateful and take care of my things so that they last to help me look and feel fabulous! Also the vertical rack leaves a small footprint in the space. And if you look closely, you'll notice that I have room to grow my shoe collection. It can hold 50 pairs of shoes, but it does not at this time. It might not ever because when I GET a new pair of shoes, I GIVE a pair away. That's how I roll:-) I do the same with my bags and my clothes. It's a symbiotic relationship of sorts that allows me to treat myself to something new, while sharing with another, while also, keeping down the clutter! Love it! I've been practicing this concept with my husband and children for years. Try It, It's Awesome! Your family can be a receiving and giving family ALL YEAR LONG! How Zensational! 

Search the "AMAZON BASICS 50 PAIR SHOE RACK" on Check it out for yourself and let me know how it works for you should you decide to purchase! Enjoy! 

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