HOMEMAKING. A concept that is either loved and appreciated or regarded as some kind of dinosaur from the 1950's :-) I personally believe that HOMEMAKING IS A BEAUTIFUL ART and I take great JOY in doing it!

I've been a Homemaker for 31 years and FULL TIME for almost 20 of them! Over the years, I've learned to really appreciate and be grateful for this calling on my life. Providing and maintaining a clean, organized home, allows me to Create A Center Of Love, Healing, Education, Enterprise and Empowerment for my family and myself. Every amazing thing we have done, do, and will do, comes from the energy of this sanctuary that I nurture everyday. 

As Black Women, Moms and Wives, what we do is largely taken for granted. Especially our Homemaking, even by ourselves. We need to stand tall in this Divine Work that we do everyday. 

Throughout my Homemaker Career I've heard all too frequently; "When are you going to get a job and help your husband?" "Oh, well YOU DON'T WORK Salimah" and my favorite, "Your house is too clean and organized, you have too much time on your hands!" Wow, Wow, Wow! Early on, I'd get really peeved at these statements, but then I learned not to let them infiltrate my spirit. I'd just say quietly to myself, "Forgive them Salimah, for they know not what they say!" :-) I know that my becoming a Full-Time Homemaker was BY CHOICE, (with a college degree and a teaching career behind me). My husband has come home to a clean home and delicious dinner every night and he never had to hire a Cook, Housekeeper, or Childcare AND his wife (me), Homeschooled BOTH of our children for 11 years, while running a Homebased Business as well! :-) Our children are now adults working in their careers and sharing their Divine Gifts with the world! 

STAND TALL IN YOUR DIVINE WORK AS HOMEMAKER! By providing and maintaining a clean,organized home, you are Creating A Center Of Love, Healing, Education, Enterprise and Empowerment for your family and YOURSELF, EVERYDAY!    

So now I'll make my Public Declaration: My Name Is Salimah Abdullah-King, and YES, I AM A HAPPY and GRATEFUL HOMEMAKER! :-) Join Me in Making Yours! 

Happy Mindful, DYNAMIC Living!

The DynamicMom
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