Getting things done is our job description as homemakers, moms and wives. Everyday, all day, it's what we do. But how do we get ready to do...what we do? How do we prepare? What specific things, if any, do we do to fuel and inspire us? I thought about that and decided to observe myself for a few days to see if there was an answer to these questions. And guess what? There was! My self observation revealed that I do the same 4 things every morning before I start my job of getting things done! Without fail. Amazing! So I decided to give this phenomena a name.  

Here's My 4 STEP MORNING HEALTH and BEAUTY ROUTINE! It jump starts my day!

#1. YOGA and MEDITATION: Helps me connect with my center, flexibility, flow and breath! 

#2. SHOWER and PUT ON SOMETHING PRETTY: Working from home presents the challenge of, well...Being At Home! Unlike my family, for me, HOME Is My Workplace and getting dressed helps me feel Productive, Creative and Successful!

#3. PUT ON MY MAKEUP: I Always like to look finished in my fave AVON Makeup! So I wear a little Mineral Face powder, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara and a Moisturizing Lipstick. I also make sure my Eyebrows are tight. They frame the face. With my makeup done, I'm now fully dressed and ready to answer the door for deliveries or mail, film a video, or run a quick errand to the post office, bank or store! 

#4. PREPARE MY HYDRATION STATION: I work at my computer in my office for a good part of the day and I need to stay hydrated. So every morning when I come downstairs, I prepare a cup of my faaavvee Organic Coffee... Organo Gold Black with brown sugar in my DME Logo Mug! Then I make some Green Tea with raw honey in my DME Travel Mug and also grab a bottle of water. I place them all on the silver platter at my work station and sip away to keep me feeling alert, happy, hydrated and beautiful all day! My Hydration Station provides me with antioxidants, lots of energy, detoxification, a clear and focused mind and beautiful skin too! *Recently I added an adorable tumbler of green juice with kale, bananas, apples, carrots and berries into the mix. Delish! 

So what I learned from this little experiment in self observation is that I combine 4 separate "habits" or "activities" into 1 "routine" that I do every morning. This routine gets me ready to get things done! This might sound a little like "multi-tasking", but I think it's different. I do my 4 habit activities 1 at a time, not overlapping. I complete 1 before I begin the next. However, I complete them all within a given space in time. A time block or what I like to call, a time window. So with this information, I've renamed this process and call this habit combining routine an "ACTIVITY CIRCLE" and I've also begun to apply it to my "getting things done" job as well. 

For instance, I'll check my planner to see what's on deck for today (I plan my To Do List the night before). Then I'll create Activity Circles from my list. Here are some examples...

1) Check My Email
2) Social Media Engagement 
3) Schedule Social Media Posts

1) Prep For Video
2) Film Video
3) Write Blog Post
1) Wipe Down Table and Counter Tops
2) Sweep Kitchen Floor
3) Mop Kitchen Floor

1) Write Out Meal List For The Week In My Meal Planner 
2) Make Shopping List Of Ingredients In My Meal Planner 
3) Eat A Snack (prep for #4)
4) Go Food Shopping With My List (I never go food shopping when I'm hungry- dangerous :-)

1) Wash Laundry
2) Dry Laundry
3) Fold Laundry
4) Put Laundry Away

**Below is the Activity Circle I do at Dawn, BEFORE my 4 Step Morning Health and Beauty Routine Above. Everyday I am Blessed to Wake Up I....

1) Pray
2) Make Bed 
3) Read From Spiritual Text 

And there you have it! The interesting thing that I discovered, is that I was already doing these "Activity Circles", now I just acknowledge them. And I'm grateful for them too. I hope that you'll be inspired to create and/or acknowledge your own ACTIVITY CIRCLES to help you get things done in your Dynamic Homemaker-Mom-Wife Life! Let me know how it goes!  

Happy Mindful, DYNAMIC Living!

"The DynamicMom"
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