We Were A Homeschooling Family For 11 Years! That's Right 11 Years, From 1998-2009! TEAM EFFORT! In 1998, I Graduated (at the top of my class, with a husband and young family); With My Social Science/ Liberal Arts Degree From The College Of New Rochelle. And What Did Spirit Direct Me To Do Next? HOMESCHOOL OUR SEED! 

So After We Had A Conversation :-) KING DynamicDad Vincent Paid The Bills and QUEEN DynamicMom Salimah Served Up The Skills! Ase'! I Designed An AFRIKAN CENTERED CURRICULUM With Concentrations In The Black/Afrikan History, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Life Science, The Performing Arts, The Martial Arts, Mentorship/Internship, Entrepreneurship, Volunteering, And LIFE SKILLS EDUCATION including: Home Economics- (Cooking, Meal Planning, Food Shopping, Housekeeping, Paying Bills), Opening and Using A Bank Account With Debit Card, Writing A Check, Understanding Principle/Interest and Credit, The Credit Card Trap, Creating and Keeping A Schedule, Addressing An Envelope, Creating and Updating A Resume and Bio, Creating and Sending A Business Email, Conducting A Business Conversation via Phone and In Person, Among Other Skills.  

As An Important Part Of The Curriculum, I Created An Afrikan Village Of Love, Support & Empowerment for Nakkiyya Amira & Hasaan Ajaye Which Included The Grandparents (My Mother In Particular), Auntie and Uncles; along With Enrolling Them In The Impact Repertory Theater and The Brotherhood-Sister Sol, Both Organizations In Harlem NYC, and The Beacon Program also in NYC. There They Were Able To Engage, Have Friendships, Expand, Be Enlightened, Have Fun, Travel Around The USA and To Countries Throughout The Afrikan Diaspora, While Sharing Their Divine Gifts With Other Outstanding Black Children and Adults! The Brothas and Sistahs Who Facilitated Those Programs, Were and ARE Protective, Empowering and Inspirational Forces For The Dynamic Young People They Serve! 

Coming To The Present, Nakkiyya Is A 10 Year Veteran In Banking & Finance, An Inspirational Praise Singer With Her Church, A Powerful Personal Growth and Development Mentor And A FIYAH Fashion Stylist & Makeup Artist! Hasaan Works As A Security Officer, Is A Thought Provoking Writer/Blogger/Educator In Metaphysics, Cosmology, Afrikan Culture, Health & Wellness AND Is An 18 Year Veteran Student/Competitor and Phenomenal Teacher Of Karate and The Martial Arts! He Is Committed To The Elevation, Health and Empowerment Of Black Children & Adults! Yes, HOMESCHOOLING EMPOWERED OUR BLACK FAMILY! Our Journey Brought Us Closer As A Family, And Helped Each Of Us Find Our Niche Work In THE EMPOWERMENT OF OUR BEAUTIFUL BLACK PEOPLE! We Give Thanks! Ase' Ase' Ase'!

My Sistah-Queens, YOU ARE THE FIRST TEACHER! Whether You're A Full-Time Homeschooling Family or Supplementing The Public, Charter or Private School System, Homeschooling Is A POWERFUL and NECESSARY TOOL For ALL BLACK FAMILIES IN OUR ATTEMPT TO COUNTERACT THE SYSTEMATIC EFFECTS OF RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY! We Should NEVER Leave Our Offspring Open and Unprotected Within The Deliberate "Curriculum" Programming Of White People. So Work It Out. Plan. Decide How You and Your King (If It Applies) or Your Family & Friends Support Team; Will Make It Possible For You To Educate Your Precious Gems, Your Powerful Legacy, Your Beloved Offspring! This Is Our FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT WORK. Let's Get It! 

*Here's a Fantastic MUST HAVE Resource That I Recommend, To Start Off Or Add To Your Homeschool Program AND Family Library From Dr. Chike Akua! Even Though Our Official Homeschooling Days Are Behind Us, Our Home Is Still And Always A Place Of Education And Scholarship! This Has Been A Huge Welcomed Addition To Our Family Library! CLICK and Create Your FREE ACCOUNT With An EMAIL and PASSWORD and Purchase Yours As Soon As You Can! I'm Here To Help You Facilitate That Purchase!


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